Infrastructure & Mobility

Citizens as a sensor

IoT platforms use sensor data to provide a real-time view of the city. Citibeats structures the millions of qualitative text comments made by citizens everyday so that they are as easy to use as sensor information. ‘Deploy’ millions of ‘human sensors’ across the cities you operate in, in a matter of hours.

Citibeats’ insights allow mobility and infrastructure companies to:

investment needs

Trigger response

Include citizens
in planning

How are mobility and infrastructure companies using Citibeats?

City damage detection after natural disasters

Detect damaged infrastructure and public spaces after natural disasters, such as heavy rains or earthquakes, for a comprehensive view on needed repairs and reinforcements.

Success story:

Helping Japanese cities recover from severe floodings

With the help of NTT DATA, we assessed service needs and top issues in three Japanese prefectures affected by severe flooding.


Infrastructure planning informed by citizen input

Gauge local feedback around transport, housing, public spaces to inform the planning process. Go beyond the ‘usual suspects’ by analyzing thousands of relevant local and underrepresented opinions.

Success story:

Understanding mobility in Barcelona

We analyzed more than 40,000 citizens’ comments in Barcelona about how they move around the city and how to make this experience better to get actionable insights for the city leaders.


Early warning system for service disruption

Automatically scan for anomalies in feedback that indicate an accident – outages, dirty water, leaks, dangerous connection points. Citibeats sends you an alert so you can investigate and react faster.