Smart Cities

Assign resources to where they matter most to citizens 
Citibeats helps city leaders to create people-centered strategies that foster sustainable development and to measure their impact based on people’s opinions.

Our technology allow cities to expand people listening and to structure and analyze millions of unstructured people’s conversations from any text data source: from social media to the city helpline.  

Citibeats’ Insights allow cities to:

Develop better policies
or strategies

Attract more investment
& assign budgets

Engage citizens

How are smart cities using Citibeats?

Identify civic priorities

Discover most pressing challenges in your city and measure improvements according to citizens feedback.

Success story:

SDGs observatory for Spanish cities

Teaming with everis, we launched an ongoing observatory of the Sustainable Development Goals in Spain’s 4 biggest cities.


Design programs based on people’s feedback

When designing a program in one specific area (education, culture, housing), use Citibeats to measure and synthesize opinions from relevant citizens at scale.

Success story:

Informing educational policies in Catalunya

For the Government of Catalunya, we analyzed the impact of STEM initiatives to promote girls in science and technology.


Early warning system for neighbourhood problems

Automatically scan for anomalies in feedback that you can act on – illegal parking, flooding damage, noise or security concerns and more.

Success story:

Helping Japanese cities recover from severe floodings

With the help of NTT DATA, we assessed service needs and top issues in three Japanese prefectures affected by severe flooding.