Smart Cities

Put citizens at the center of your city strategy
Citibeats helps city leaders to create people-centered strategies that foster sustainable development and to measure their impact based on people’s opinions.

Cities use Citibeats insight to:

Develop policies
or strategies

Attract investment
& assign budgets

Engage citizens

Use cases

SDG Observatory

Cities can now track improvements and challenges in the framework of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and measure their progress.

Success story:

Spanish SDGs observatory

Teaming with everis, we launched a city-wide analysis of the SDGs.


Program design input

When designing a program in one specific area (education, culture, housing), use Citibeats to get input from citizens at scale.

Success story:

Informing policies

For the Government of Catalunya, we analyzed the impact of STEM initiatives to promote girls in science and technology


City resilience

Detect damaged infrastructure and public spaces after natural disasters, such as heavy rains or earthquakes, for a comprehensive view on needed repairs and reinforcements.

Success story:

Helping cities recover from severe floodings

With the help of NTT DATA, we assessed service needs and top issues in three Japanese prefectures affected by severe flooding.


Human layer integrated into your IoT mobility platform

Integrate the Citibeats API into your existing dashboard, and view hotspots of civic feedback. Understand the ‘whys’ behind your sensor data in real-time.

Success story:

Understanding mobility in Barcelona

We analyzed more than 40,000 citizens’ comments in Barcelona about how they move around the city and how to make this experience better to get actionable insights for the city leaders.