Sustainable Tourism

Improve your tourism strategy using feedback from visitors and locals
Tourists’ opinions are defining the future of travel; they have replaced travel agents’ advice, they drive visitor numbers and people’s spending – therefore to achieve better forecasts and revenues, they need to be understood and made use of quicker and better.

Tourism boards, agencies and hospitality organizations use Citibeats insight to:

Create better strategies
and experiences

Attract investment
and maximise revenue

Engage both citizens
and tourists

Use cases

Season Improvement

Receive tourism insights that can be implemented in the same season (e.g. snow season, summer season) that help you maximize revenues.

Success story:

Rapid detection and application of seasonal insight

We helped Andorra gather insights from visitors in the winter and apply them before they leave.


Tourism observatory

Analyze the perception that both citizens and visitors have about your city and its tourism related aspects – public security, tourist attractions, commerce, accommodation, and more.

Success story:

Together with Doxa, we’ve created an Observatory of Coastal Cities to distribute visitors between seasons and adapt to the tastes of both tourists and locals segments.


Attraction experiences

Analyze visitors’ feedback towards your attractions (monuments, fairs, festivals) to improve your experiences’ performance. Learn from leading attractions similar to your own.

Success story:


Together with PwC, Citibeats informed a sustainability and reputation analysis for a theme park in the south of France to improve their strategic positioning.