Citibeats, Winner Business Intelligence Software Awards: Our Cost & Tools Get Recommended

This year is a crazy one at Citibeats. With our new version of the product coming out in less than 10 days at Mobile World Congress 2018 (come see us!), the office is buzzing with excitement and people putting extra hours in. At times like this a little encouragement can make all the difference, and we certainly received some of that this week. FinancesOnline , a respected B2B software review platform, has granted us not one, but two awards in the Business Intelligence Software category!


Citibeats awarded great UX      Citibeats awarded rising star

The review

Being up there and competing among the best BI services is a great honor by itself, being called a star is flattering; and for them to recognize how sexy and pleasant to use our software is… just flushing!

In their evaluation of our AI platform, their team of experts was impressed by the “ plethora of data analysis and intelligence solutions to cover each and every information requirement you have.” Something that also deserved their comment is how our proprietary Machine-Learning algorithm “also does the heavy lifting of filtering, analyzing, and classifying all the data it gathers. […] Citibeats does it all. ” They also praised the competitive business intelligence software cost of our platform.

We work hard to do all these things for you, but there’s one very simple thing we pride ourselves in doing a great job at, every time: making sure Citibeats customers are happy ones. That’s why the 100% user satisfaction score (as of this writing) alongside our inclusion in FinancesOnline list of business intelligence tools mean everything to us.

Having two more awards to add to our shelves certainly feels good, but it is the positive feedback that drives us not to remain content with our product. It means we were right about our value proposition, which is all that matters in the end: being a valuable tool for public and private institutions worldwide to understand and make sense of their data, in order to make more informed and better decisions.

We believe in the power of data and technology to disrupt society and create progress for all, and it is with great excitement that we receive credit for trying. We want to thank FinancesOnline for it and encourage you to read the full Citibeats review and book a demo with our team to see what all the fuss is about.