Just as with the majority of web portals, in order to improve our users’ experience, at THE SOCIAL COIN, we use cookies on our website (hereinafter, the “Website”).

On your first visit to our website, you will be informed of the use of cookies and of this Cookies Policy. On future visits, you can consult our Cookies Policy at any time at the bottom of the web page. By registering on our website and by simply making use of them, you are consenting to the installation of the cookies mentioned in this “Cookies Policy” (unless you have configured your browser settings to reject cookies).

Below, you will find information on what “cookies” are, what type of cookies are used by this website, how you can deactivate cookies on your browser and how to specifically disable third-party cookies. If you are unable to find the specific information you are looking for, please write to at

1. What are cookies, and what are they for?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto the User’s device when they access certain content on websites, electronic media and/or applications. Cookies enable an application or a website, among other things, to store and recover information on the browsing habits of a User or their device and, depending on the information they contain and the manner of using the device, they may be used to identify the User.

Cookies are safe, as they can only store the information used by the browser, the information that the user has introduced into the browser or that they enter into the page search function.
Some “cookies” are strictly necessary for a website and/or application to work properly, and they cannot contain viruses or damage your device.
Others have different purposes, such as facilitating browsing between pages and applications, storing the user’s language preferences, storing other user preferences and detecting if the user has already visited.

Cookies are essential for the Internet to work properly, and provide innumerable advantages in the provision of interactive services, making browsing and use easier. Cookies cannot damage your device, and having cookies enabled helps to identify and correct possible errors.

2. What types of cookies does THE SOCIAL COIN use?

    1. Depending on the entity managing them, cookies used can be classified as:
      1. Own cookies: These are Cookies sent to your device and managed exclusively by us to improve the operation of THE SOCIAL COIN. The information that is collected is used to improve the quality of our service and your experience as a user.
      2. Third-party cookies: These are cookies deposited by a server from a different domain, with the authorization of the site you are visiting (for example, when you press buttons for social networks or view videos located on another site). We cannot access the information stored in the cookies belonging to other websites when you browse on those websites.
        If cookies are installed from a device or domain managed by THE SOCIAL COIN, but the information collected using these cookies is managed by a third party, they cannot be considered own cookies.
    1. According to the period of time during which they remain active, a distinction can be made between the following types of cookies:
      1. Session cookies: These are temporary files that remain in the browser’s cookie history until leaving the website, and as a result, they are not stored on the computer’s hard drive or on the user’s mobile device. The data obtained using these cookies serves to analyse aspects relating to visitor traffic and data communication. They allow for an improved user experience, thus improving content and facilitating use.
      2. Persistent cookies: These are stored on the hard drive, and websites read them every time the User visits. In spite of their name, persistent cookies have an established expiry date. The cookie will cease to function after that date. They are generally used to facilitate the different services offered by websites.
    1. According to the purpose of the cookie:
      1. Sign-up cookies: When the user signs up on THE SOCIAL COIN, cookies are generated which identify them as a registered user and indicate when they identified themselves on the portal.
        These cookies are used to identify the user’s account and their associated services. These cookies are maintained as long as the user does not log off, close their browser or shut down their device.
      2. Analytical cookies: These cookies can be used in combination with analytical data to individually identify users’ preferences at THE SOCIAL COIN.
      3. Performance cookies: This type of cookies saves user preferences for certain tools or services, so that they do not need to be reconfigured every time the user visits THE SOCIAL COIN and, in some cases, they may be provided by third parties. Some examples are: volume of audiovisual players, preferences for the management of articles or compatible video playback speeds.
      4. Advertising cookies: These cookies enable the management, in the most efficient way possible, of advertising spaces which the editor may have included on the website or platform from which they provide the requested service, and relate to criteria such as edited content or the frequency with which advertisements are shown.
      5. Behavioural advertising cookies: These cookies enable the management, in the most efficient way possible, of advertising spaces which the editor may have included on the website or platform from which they provide the requested service. These cookies store information regarding users’ behaviour which is obtained through continued observation of their browsing habits, and which enables the development of a specific profile so that advertising can be shown in accordance with that profile.
      6. Geolocation cookies: These cookies are used by programs that attempt to geographically locate the computer, smartphone, tablet or television used to connect, in order to offer more appropriate services and content in full anonymity.
      7. Other third-party cookies: On some of our pages, third-party cookies can be installed which enable the services they provide to be managed and improved. One example of this is links to social networks that enable our content to be shared.

3. How can users block or delete cookies?

Users can permit, block or delete the cookies installed on their computer by adjusting their preferences on their web browser. Should the user decide to block them, certain services requiring their use may not be available to the user.

We will now provide a series of links in which users can find information on how to modify their preferences on the most commonly used web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings.
    For more information, you can consult Microsoft support or Help on your browser.
  • Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Personal Settings.
    For more information, you can consult Mozilla support or Help on your browser.
  • Chrome: Settings > Show Advanced Options > Privacy > Content Settings.
    For more information, you can consult Google support or Help on your browser.
  • Safari: Preferences > Security.
    For more information, you can consult Apple support or Help on your browser.

Finally, you can visit the Your Online Choices website, where, besides finding useful information, you can set your preferences on third-party advertising cookies for each provider.
If you have any doubts regarding this cookie policy, you can contact THE SOCIAL COIN by email at

4. Consent

The User may revoke their previously-provided consent for the installation of cookies at any time by deleting the cookies installed on their device by changing their settings on their browser, as indicated in the “Cancelling and Deleting cookies” section. Nevertheless, this may affect the working features of the website, making the user experience less satisfactory.