Understanding peoples’ opinions about mobility in Barcelona


‘Citizens as a sensor’ for mobility insights with human meaning

IoT platforms provide data on air pollution levels, traffic data, parking spaces… while they can only tell us what problem spiked, Citibeats sensors tell us why it happened and what it means to people.
Last month, we put Citibeats machine-learning algorithms to work to understand peoples’ opinions about mobility in Barcelona.

In this case you will discover

  • The top 3 mobility concerns last month in Barcelona.
  • The sentiment around the most representative mobility events, such us raised train prices or the Taxi VS Uber-Cabify debate.
  • How Citibeats complements IoT platforms.

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Citibeats makes sense of people’s opinions and concerns.

Our AI-based Analytics Platform structures data that is traditionally hard to quantify and can synthesise qualitative insights that give more meaning to the data. It categorizes, clusters and compares information from various data sources such as social networks, emails, live chat portals or civic platforms.

Our technology has been developed with MIT and Singularity University, and awarded by the United Nations and European Commission.

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