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People share their opinions every minute, every day, everywhere in the world without even asking them. This is extremely valuable data, yet it’s not taken into account by organizations because too much of their qualitative data is too unstructured to make any sense of it.
Citibeats’ AI technology gathers, analyzes and synthesizes all these opinions to deliver you the precise actionable insights that you need.

For a limited time, Citibeats by Social Coin will produce a one-shot report to analyze a topic of your choice.

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'We discovered several very interesting grass-root initiatives and events we weren't even aware of... and thanks to the beats feature we got the perspective of the key actors in their own words.'


Citibeats makes sense of people’s opinions and concerns.

Our AI-based Analytics Platform structures data that is traditionally hard to quantify and can synthesise qualitative insights that give more meaning to the data. It categorizes, clusters and compares information from various data sources such as social networks, emails, live chat portals or civic platforms.

Our technology has been developed with MIT and Singularity University, and awarded by the United Nations and European Commission.

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