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Promoting girls in tech with STEM programmes

Multiplying the impact of STEM initiatives in Catalonia to promote #Women4Tech

Catalonia’s government, Generalitat, wanted to understand and promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) programmes among youngsters, especially girls.

With the help of Citibeats they discovered under-financed initiatives and new agents with which to collaborate in the future.

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Local Impact Observatory

The 1st AI for cities that is tailor-made for the Sustainable Development Goals

An observatory to actively listen to citizen opinions and adapt the global UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to the specific realities of each region and cities, to reconnect the different social agents: citizens, governments, businesses, NGO’s…


Read more on how to use AI to adapt global challenges to specific regional realities.

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Next-Generation Market Research

Get exclusive access to your one-shot, instant snapshot report

Supercharge your next market research, strategic analysis or brand reputation tracking with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

For a limited time, Citibeats by Social Coin will produce a one-shot report to analyze a topic of your choice.

Get your results in just a week!

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AI to build better Tourism Strategies

Webinar: How can tourism boards and agencies build better experiences?

Join us in analyzing tourist feedback and learn to solve three major challenges:. How to go broader and at the same time deeper in your analysis. Doing it faster, and understanding multiple languages with ease!

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Build Better Tourism Experiences Using Tourists' Feedback

Case Study: AI Analytics to plan better tourism strategies

Citibeats makes tourist opinions easy to gather and act upon.
In this case you will discover how cities such us Cork or Barcelona are using AI Analytics to improve experiences during the winter season.

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SDGs Observatory

Case Study: Building a smarter Sant Cugat together with Doxa

Citibeats and Doxa, the Barcelona-based innovation consultancy, are collaborating to help cities promote and track the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In this case study, you will discover our findings and insights on how to build a Smarter Sant Cugat, focusing on SDG 9: to build resilient infrastructure and foster inclusive and sustainable innovation.

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Natural Disaster Observatory

Case Study: NTT Data and a insurance company

Citibeats offers new ways to improve city resilience and their response to natural disasters.

In this case you will discover how we helped NTT Data and an insurance company in Japan to understand the evolution of several breaking events in the north of Japan during the heavy rains and earthquakes of July 2017.

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How are Banks using AI to optimize their role and reputation in society?

Case Study: Social observatory for the Spanish Banking sector

Citibeats Social Observatory AI analyzes 50,000 citizen opinions related to the 5 largest banks in Spain every month, to help banks optimize their role and reputation in society.

In this case you will discover the main citizen concerns in Spain during December.

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‘Citizens as a sensor’ for mobility insights

Case Study: Understanding people's opinions about mobility in Barcelona

Citibeats makes sense of citizen opinions to add meaning to your Big Data.

More than 40,000 citizens in Barcelona are publicly showing how they move around the city and how they think this experience would be better.

In this case you will discover how Citibeats AI Analytics discovered the main needs, concerns and suggestions from Barcelona citizens about mobility last month.

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Catalan independence observatory

Case Study: Who directs the conversation of the Catalan Independence?

For cities to act smarter, they will have to find new ways to listen better. Citibeats offers new ways to improve city resilience and their response to breaking events.

In this case, we analyzed which actors have driven the conversation around Catalan Independence, to observe differences between them in Barcelona and Madrid – the epicenters of the most polarized opinions.

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