How smart civic technology is changing the world

We live in exciting times. New technologies open up new possibilities for work, communication, and culture. However, they can also disconnect us from the networks of real people around us: our cities, communities, co-workers and neighbors.

A movement is growing to use technology for good and build a new impact economy. Digital tools can help us to take action and connect. New civic innovations empower tech users to engage with the world around us – and maybe even improve it.  

Social Coin is leading the pack with Citibeats – a game changer in smart social impact.

This blog will keep you up to date on the civictech world. We’ll be posting news in Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Social Media Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies and more. We’ll report on cutting-edge research, ideas and tell you about our most recent projects.

This is also a space to get to know Social Coin and Citibeats. You can read about our case studies, meet our team and hear from professionals at the forefront of civic and tech advances.  

So who are we, and what’s different about us?

The story of Social Coin

Social Coin began as a social movement on the streets of Barcelona, using a social “coin” to track, share and reward positive actions. From these small chains of kindness, a movement was born and Social Coin quickly became a disruptive solution for social engagement. Social Coin is the currency of positive action. It is a new way for governments and organizations to generate participation in civic initiatives that respond to the most urgent needs of a community.


Social Coin’s mission is to promote positive action. However, to take action on social issues, cities need to know what those issues are and who they affect. That’s where Citibeats comes in.

Citibeats dashboard

People all over the world share their social preoccupations on public platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to personal blogs, local news pages and big news websites. Citibeats uses natural language processing technology to collect this data and analyze trends. The Citibeats dashboard is a dynamic visual map of citizens’ concerns, which changes as issues get resolved and new ones emerge. City organizations can create comprehensive reports, and generate comparisons across different areas, time periods, user types and sentiments.

We’re passionate about using tech for smart social impact. And we want to share our mission with you.

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