Citibeats solutions for Cities, Mobility, Tourism and Insurance are relied on by clients worldwide.

Why Citibeats?

Make your qualitative data as clear and actionable as the quantitative one.


Develop more responsive policies, services and products


Improve your relationship with citizens and customers


Assign your resources more efficiently


Make predictions, and prevent disasters

For Cities

Make intangible social concerns manageable, measurable and synthesized.

  • City observatory – Understand which problems are a priority in your city.
  • City strategy input – If your city is looking to develop a new strategy (e.g. for innovation), we provide you with research input and analysis in that area.
  • Citizen engagement plugin – Understand citizen concerns to focus your efforts on the priority needs.
  • Survey replacement – Get access to a dynamic survey over time, whenever you want.

For Insurance

Optimize sales and customer service by learning from your qualitative CRM data.

  • Social Observatory – Compare the social trends and opinions that affect your offers.
  • Customer experience – Improve your customer experience by analyzing customer feedback and concerns from social channels, CRMs or chats.
  • City resilience – Analyze how to respond better to extreme weather and natural disasters and limit their impact on citizens.

For IoT Platfoms

Find the why behind your IoT data.

  • Citizens as a sensor – Add a human layer on top of IoT platforms. Use Citibeats to explain peaks in traffic, parking, pollution, etc.
  • Improve public services – Identify which improvements would make the biggest difference to citizens.
  • Infrastructure public consultation – Prepare for public consultation by checking the views that citizens share online beforehand.

For Tourism

Improve your city’s tourism strategy.

  • Marketing strategy – Find which tourist sites and events to mention more in advertising, depending on the audience; find out which have a more positive impact on them.
  • Season improvement – Receive insights during the current season (e.g. snow season, summer season) that help you maximize revenues.
  • Improve tourist experiences – Identify negative opinions around the most important tourist attractions and learn how to improve them.
  • Learn from the competition – Compare what is being said by tourists in your city, vs. competitor cities. Identify where can you gain share.


Measure your challenges and improvements according to citizens.

  • SDGs City Observatory – Cities and brands can now measure their improvements and challenges in relation to the 17 UN objectives created to end poverty, stop climate change and fight against injustice and inequality by 2030.