An AI text analytics tool designed to understand societies and ecosystems.

What makes our tech different?

Fast and flexible categorization

Create any category you want with only a few examples, and our machine learning does the rest. Other solutions use pre-set categories which can’t deal with abstract topics, local themes, or can’t discover new information in a rapidly evolving conversation.

Conversation synthesis

Our unique BEAT algorithm takes any conversation and summarizes it by finding the most representative public opinion. This helps you explain a peak in quantitative data by retaining the qualitative insight.

Our technology is intended to make qualitative data as easy to use as quantitative. We can put a measure on social concerns, but we can also add a qualitative explanation to any quantitative finding.
Our proprietary solution is developed by our team along with MIT and CSIC, the national AI research center of Spain.

How does our AI technology work?



Citibeats gathers what people say from public or private data sources such as: news, blogs, social media, emails, contact centers or CRMs.



Our proprietary Machine-Learning algorithms quickly categorize and synthesize this data to identify the most relevant information.



Our platform transforms data into visuals so decision makers can effectively respond.

Intuitive and interactive platform

We offer interpreted data in different formats to cover all your information requirements.

Discovery Dashboard

A visual, personalized and versatile panel with all the relevant information for a quick understanding of the conversation. It shows the answers to your questions in one shot but allowing you to go deeper for a better understanding.


Topic Storytelling

Discover the most relevant daily-weekly-monthly publications around a topic in a city or community. Tell a striking story using the most influential posts.


Geo-segmented Insights

Identify insights in a city or community around a topic: opinions, concerns and breaking news.


Insights Evolution

See how the insights evolve over time. This information allows you to discover patterns and trends around specific topics.



Compare the information by categories, cities or type of users.


Sentiment analysis

Analyze the sentiment of the conversation.


User Profiling

Create user profiles based on interests and demographic settings.


Report Creator

Keep the different teams and decision makers informed of the conversation, updating them with previously defined KPI’s about a topic: volume by categories, sentiment, key concepts and their evolution.

Create and download result reports over a period of time whenever you need it.

Data Connector

You can both import data to be analyzed from your own channels -contact center interactions, chatbot transcripts, incoming survey responses, e-mails, etc.- and export data from Citibeats to connect it with your software.

Complete the data pool of your core business by adding Citibeats information to your CRM or Business Intelligence Software. Export the data to connect the information with your own tools.