World Summit Awards confirms Citibeats as the best Civic Analytics platform


Barcelona based startup awarded for world’s best Government and Citizen Engagement product.


  • Citibeats is the first company in history to win the World Summit Awards twice.
  • The company has been officially recognized as the first AI for measuring the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  in the world.
  • Since winning the prize first in 2015, Citibeats have built commercial ecosystem for impact, with partners such as NTT Data.


Barcelona, Spain – The AI text Analytics Platform Citibeats is the first company awarded with the prestigious World Summit Award  two times; it was honored with the award for Inclusion & Empowerment category in 2015, after a competitive analysis of 400 impactful projects all around the world.  

World Summit Awards was initiated in 2003 in the framework of the United Nations World Summit and since then has been selecting and promoting digital innovation with an impact on society from all UN member states.

Digital technologies are the main drivers for achieving the United Nations agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals until 2030, and Citibeats fits perfectly in this focus it has been recognized as the first AI to monitor the SDGs in the world, helping governments listen to their citizens through the analysis of the concerns they post online. The platform structures, analyzes and synthesizes people’s opinions from large quantities of unstructured data in any region, any language from any text data source – for instance,applying Twitter premium APIs to drive social good.

Citibeats’ proprietary machine-learning algorithms transform a community’s natural language data into valuable intelligence that empowers decision makers.

The product has been designed to improve societies based on people’s needs, the reason why the 16 international experts of the WSA jury decided to award Citibeats for the best Government and Citizen Engagement product for the second time, in 2018. It will be honored with the award in front of UN representatives, ICT ministries and the private sector, with another 39 Winners from 26 countries in 8 different categories, ranging from Girlythings, a Pakistani Woman’s Empowerment App to Grasshoppers, a Sri Lankan e-commerce fulfillment service; from the Slovenian Feelif, using IoT to support the blind, to M-Shule a Kenyian AI based mobile learning platform to connect primary school students.

The WSA Winner’s 2018 list offers many more jewels of innovation and social improvement, the above mentioned being just a small selection.

It’s an honor – comments Ivan Caballero, Citibeats’ CEO, who will be present at the World Summit Awards Global Congress in Cascais on 11th of March, – to receive this recognition to our ambition of building this game-changing enabler in decision-making. Every time a new microscope is invented, scientists create new medicines for a healthier human body. We’re building a new microscope for society – so governments and companies can respond earlier and better to create healthier cities.”

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